Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa Big Boy

Theo gets an A+ for his behavior when meeting Santa on Saturday. He stood on the 40 minute line like a pro, and sweetly said hello to Santa when he met him. His excitement grew as he watched the other kids sit on the big red guy's lap. I think it's cool that we have the same Santa every makes our photos consistent!

Santa is conveniently located smack between a Haagan Daz stand and a Pretzel Time stand. I don't think there was one parent on line who didn't negotiate a treat for their kid as a reward for good behavior during the wait. And you know Theo with his "First ___ then ____" negotiations.
This is the first year Theo has shown true Christmas excitement. He was in the bath when Joe brought home our tree, and when he came out and saw the giant tree, he shouted "Christmas!" He was unbelievably adorable helping us decorate. He told us "I want to help" and put all the balls in clusters at the very bottom, and if that wasn't hysterical enough, he found a wire hanger lying around on my bed and thought "hmm, that has a hook," and he stuck that on, too! Visual representation of this on the right. ----->
Unfortunately, we couldn't keep the balls where he put them because the cats went to town. Bruce and Maow are enjoying the tree as much as we are. It's one big playground for them.

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