Thursday, June 28, 2007

No School Right Now

Thursday was the last day of school, and summer session starts in 2 weeks. On Friday, he was so forlorn when we told him "no school bus today" that he started to cry. But when I picked him up from Kathy's that afternoon, he was his cheery self. He told me, "no book-bag." And he's been telling me that when I pick him up every day this week!

Our walks home are hilarious. I get there, and he runs to me with full force, sweetly waves "bye, Kathy!" and we're off. He directs us home. Sometimes he wants to cross the street laterally, sometimes he wants to go on the 25 cent mechanical horse ("I want horse up and down!"), sometimes he wants to go to the store, sometimes he wants a gumball from the machine, and most days he wants to go to the ice cream truck. He doesn't always get his way, of course, but he does a majority of the time since I like to encourage his asking for things--and he's so damn cute--and he throws a fit when he doesn't get his way on days when he's tired.

The other day we were walking home, and he pointed to a wall and said "empty!" I didn't realize what the heck he was talking about until I remembered that until then, there were rows of tall bushes. Apparently they were removed for some reason, and I didn't notice, but he sure did! Because he used to love to run behind them! But isn't he a perceptive little guy? He knows so much more than any of us knows he knows. Try saying that three times fast.

Fun Cutie Pie

Theo has been so cute lately! Largely due to his talking, but he's just a super sweet mush ball, too. Since we've been putting him to bed at an earlier time, he's been waking up at 6:30am, which is agonizing for me at first, but he's so cute it wins me over. He comes into my bed and gets under the covers, hugs me, and starts talking to me. Sometimes he brings a teddy bear or a book. He is full of energy and ready to climb a mountain. Joe and I lie there, groggy, enjoying the cuddle and trying to keep him from jumping on us.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Silly Sleeper


I walked in the other night and found Theo asleep in his bed, still holding his favorite book, "No David," which was opened to the page that always makes him laugh: David running through the street naked (Theo always points to his butt and giggles, "poop").

A day with Grandma Ice-Cream and Poppy

Guest blogger: Grandma Ice Cream

I could see right away after being out in the playground that Theo was thirsty. After many rounds of being told "Come here, Grandma, slide" and complying, I was thirsty.too. Thirsty but happy. And anxious to try out my new Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. So we made orange juice (the regular old orange- juice- squeezer way, because it tastes better) and then I put through some carrots in my new juicer. Out came the carrot juice, to Theo's wide-eyed delight, and he couldn't wait to try it. He juiced carrots, celery, and an apple. (With a little help from Grandma Ice-Cream) We shared a big glass of the juices, and everytime he tasted it, he made a face, but kept insisting he liked it and wanted more. It was really funny to watch him.

He took an interest in the paintings we have hanging. "Who's that?" he asked, seeing the one hanging in the dinette. "Gustav Mahler", I replied. What's that, I asked him, of the picture hanging above my couch. "Paris", he said, and Grampa couldn't believe his ears. Paris it was.

Then we went to get the car checked out and brought up to spec for the summer. While we waited, we went to the Barbershop to get haircuts. Grampa Chocolate-Milk, (Theo's new name for Poppy after bonding over haircuts and chocolate milk) got his haircut after Theo, so he got to watch him. Theo loves to get his hair cut. He was so good and cute. The barber gave him a high-five and a lollypop. Theo was happy and kept looking in the mirror and smiling. About his haircut and his lollipop. :)

Time for pizza. Boy did he eat. He loves his pizza!

The car still wasn't ready, so off we went to the library, where Theo and I read and sang stories in the children's section. Getting a bit restless, we took a walk along Northern Boulevard and came upon Burger King. There Theo played with abandon and immersed himself in tunnels,other kids, fries and chicken nuggets.

Finally the car was ready and we came home. Theo pulled out a movie he likes when he comes over (BabySongs) and we relaxed to it together. While preparing some dinner, I came in to find him sound asleep on the couch. He must have been so tired. Grampa Chocolate Milk Poppy carried him to the bed to rest.

And then his beautiful mommy came home.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

This Week's Happenings

I'm writing this from a courthouse in Jamaica, where I'm on my third glorious, honorable day of jury duty.

Today is Theo's last day of school for a couple of weeks, and then the summer session begins. Joe went to their little graduation party a couple of days ago. Theo wasn't graduating, of course, but most of his class was. That'll be Theo next year!

This past weekend was a very park-y one. On Saturday we went to Bear Mountain with Joanne Highley and the gang. Theo had a great time on the rowboat, at the playground, and watching our group volleyball game. In between each play, he ran on the field, gave me a hug, and ran back to the grass to sit and watch.

The next day, Father's Day, we got to Central Park at 7:30 a.m. to wait for Romeo and Juliet tickets, which would be handed out at 1 p.m. Theo was a pretty good boy. He enjoyed watching the many dogs go by. We had blankets and pillows with us and wanted to take a family nap, but Theo wasn't having it. Somehow he was a ball of energy!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tales of Laundry and Woe

Last night after work I got Theo from the sitter and told him we were doing laundry. He was immediately excited. I know I've posted this before, but he loves it! He carries down the detergent, knows to press C on the elevator instead of 1 when we're going out, and helps put the clothes in the washer and dryer, and puts the quarters in and pushes the buttons.

One time, a while ago, he slammed the gate to the laundry room shut, locking us in. We had to go through another door that leads outside and wait for a neighbor to come by to let us into the lobby.

Since then, I've been careful to make sure Theo doesn't lock that door. But last night, I was distracted, and sure enough I heard the dreaded slam. I was exhausted and furious, and so I told Theo to sit down in time out, and that he couldn't help me with laundry. Even in my anger I had to laugh at the idea of punishing a kid by telling him he COULDN'T do a chore. After a few minutes of his sad face I couldn't take it and let him help me load the washer, which he did gleefully.

When it was time to go upstairs, he ran to the door that leads outside. I couldn't believe it! He remembered! He had locked the gate on purpose so that'd we'd have to use the other door and go outside! I swear, what a little pest I have. A smart pest, though.

On the elevator ride back up I told him I wanted a hug. He gave me one, and then he said "I want kiss." I kissed him and we were friends again.

Booty Marks

As most children do, Theo gets kissed when he has a boo-boo. One day he started returning the favor. He started kissing my boo-boos, and even the cats' boo-boos, although they don't have any so he was really just making it up.

Once in a while he got confused and thought my beauty marks were boo-boos, and so he'd kiss those too! Every time he did that, I corrected him of course, and he would repeat -- "booty mark?" I'd tell him "yes, that's a beauty mark," and after a while, he got the concept of what a beauty mark is.

Now, he purposefully kisses my beauty marks! He'll find one, say "look, mommy, booty mark! Kiss!" and kiss it. I have a ton of them, and he finds them all. He'll lift my shirt and get to the ones on my belly, he'll find them on my legs... he's such a sweetie pie! In the morning he wakes up and comes into our bed, full of hugs and beauty mark kisses.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Wax On

Theo sat with much interest yesterday as he watched me get my eyebrows waxed. I love the curiousity he has for everything. I'm sure many kids would have been impatient. Although, he did insist on getting "nilla ice cream" after, and how could I say no?

Happy Birthday Nonny!

Tomorrow is Nonny's birthday, and Theo will probably pay her a visit with my parents. I'm sure they'll both be very excited to see each other! He occasionally sings about "NonnyDonny."

Monday, June 04, 2007

Maybe He Prefers Sondheim

Tonight I was watching a PBS show on Broadway's Treasures. They did a segment on Hammerstein's last song before he died, Edelweiss. I started to sing it. "Edelweiss, edelweiss, every morning you greet me..."

Theo, who was vrooming his bus on the rug, said, "don't sing."

Milk for Two and Two for Milk

Yesterday Theo asked for milk, and since I wanted some too, I brought out two cups. He insisted on pouring, and we sat and drank our milk together.

This morning Theo climbed into our bed and said, "Mommy, I want to drink milk." I went inside, put a cup and the milk carton on the table, and returned to my room. Seconds later, he entered my room holding TWO cups of milk in his hand. He held one out to me and said, "Mommy, drink!"

Quick School Briefing

On Thursday I visited Theo's school for a parents' brunch. I know, I'm a Stepford mom. Afterward, I went up to his classroom and he put his arm around me and showed me what he was doing. And other kids said, "Hi Theo's mommy!" It felt good that they remembered me.

I got a chance to talk to Grace, his teacher, who gave me a good report. She said he's doing better with gaining attention and asking for things.

When I had to leave, Theo cried. His little classmates were very concerned about him.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Weekend That Went Swimmingly

I waited to post about Memorial Day Weekend because I didn't want to do it without photographic representation. And now I have it.

Last weekend, before heading off to the Hamptons, Joe took Theo around midtown for a mini photo shoot.

Herald Square:

Outside a fire station:

We took off to East Hampton to stay with Joe's friend, who has house there. We enjoyed a sleepy train ride, arrived at the house at night, watched a movie, and crashed. The following morning, an energy-filled little boy burst into our room and immediately demanded to go outside. I took him out back where the pool is, and he asked where the boats were. He was referring to the floaties in the pool that we called boats last year. I was really impressed with his memory! Then again, this is his third summer in this house (fourth if you count the first one in my belly).

Later, when the sun was out, Joe and Theo put on their new matching bathing suits.

Theo was eager to go in the water. I was only in the pool briefly, but the first swim of the summer was glorious. The water was pretty cold, but Theo didn't seem to mind -- unlike his fuddy duddy parents.

The shallow end of the pool is 3 feet, and Theo's head stands well above the surface, but he was still too scared to stand alone. And so after a bit of trial and error, he invented his own method of swimming. He holds on to the wall with both his hands and feet. His hands inch along the edge of the pool, and his feet walk across the wall in the water. With this method, he was able to swim the perimeter of the pool -- even in the deep end.

Later, when it was cooler out, we piled into the jacuzzi. For the rest of the weekend, Theo begged to go in the "hot water with bubbles" and the pool was no longer as enticing.