Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy 5 Months Birthday, Melody!


As I type this, Melody is jumping in her doorway jumpy thingie and sucking on a frozen apple slice through a mesh feeder thingie. Yes, I said thingie twice. Why am I starting off with this information? Just to illustrate--sniff! My baby is growing up!

I expect her bottom teeth to appear any minute. Her fingers have taken up residence in her mouth. Any object she holds goes in there too.

Her favorite place to be is on her tummy. She has plenty of stuff to "do" while she's there, like look at herself in her mirror.

Her favorite games--there's the boring patty cake and peekaboo that I play with her. (Cuz, well, they work. She loves them.) But daddy's more creative. They have a routine where they do the hand jive, the mashed potato, the alligator, and the twist.

Her favorite person--toss-up between mommy and brother. She has to love me, I'm her mother. But the bond she has with Theo is really special. He made up a game where she lies on her playmat and he pulls it around. He's driving her around in a "schoolbus." He even tells her to put on her seatbelt! And to think we once worried that he didn't engage in imaginary play. She loves the game too, because it's an excuse to smile in awe at Theo as he walks around with her. Yesterday Theo held up a microphone to her and she broke out into wild laughter, which made him laugh. I love watching my babies! Which also includes my orange babies, who tend to sniff her periodically and then walk away. They're incredibly gentle with her...they just know.

We've taken to having Melody in bed with us when we read to Theo at storytime nightly. She loves books! She has no favorite at this stage, but she enjoys the process of looking at the pictures and the turning pages. Although again, she tends to watch Theo more than the books, with wide eyes. She likes to touch him. She grabs him and pokes him and pinches him. Like the cats, he's very tolerable around her and giggles and asks me why Melody is pinching him.

With Melody's gums still bare, breastfeeding is still a pleasure! The best part is her excitement when she knows it's mealtime. When she sees the "dinner" draw near, she flails her arms around and smiles, and her eyes twinkle! My favorite times are when she gets impatient with me and actually grabs my boob and brings it to her mouth. What a genius.

I started her on solids this week. Just a tablespoon of rice cereal here, a bit of smashed banana there. She likes everything she's had so far, but it's too soon to tell what she favors. I'm going to try to make as much of her baby food myself as I can, at least in the beginning. There is an awesome website for this: Wholesome Baby Food.

We still attend weekly playgroups with other mommies and babies in the 'hood. Melody really responds well to other babies. Like her brother, she's turning out to be a real observer.

On to stats--she's 15 and a half pounds and 24 inches long...that's 2 feet!

Now, Melody is asleep on daddy's chest. She's got him smitten, all right. He wants to build her a tower and keep her in it when she gets older. That closes my monthly report. I'm gonna go snuggle with my family!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween 2008: Ocean Family

It was so windy I couldn't get my hair out of my face!

These photos are from the Annual Halloween Parade in the village. Forget Suri and the Brangelina brats--our kids were the most photographed kids in history!
At least 5 people asked if Melody was a real baby. They thought she was a doll, especially when she was asleep. At one point, she moved her arms, and someone actually yelped, leaping backward in surprise!

This is a press photo I found on the internet.
Another press photo. Joe and Theo did the Spongebob dance along the parade route.

Unfortunately these cell phone photos are the only ones I have of me as Ursula, the sea witch.

Joe was a big hit with the kids. One kid shouted, "Squidward's mean to you! Just ignore him!"

We marched with the ASPCA and the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animal's float.

The prettiest little mermaid.

The kids had a great time at the parade. Melody managed to fall asleep, even though we were next to a marching band. Theo eventually tired out and rode on daddy Spongebob's shoulders--also falling asleep.

Random Ramblings of a Proud Mama

Happy Election Day. I'm trying not to get excited yet. I know it's not over 'til it's over.

So, cute stuff:

Last week, Melody went to the doc for a second round of shots, having gotten them 2 weeks earlier. As soon as she laid on the doc's table, she cried! I was so proud of my smartie pants for remembering what happens on that table. I think it's true that parents will find any excuse to be proud of their kids. Theo has always liked going to the doctor and even as a baby didn't cry when we arrived. I was always so proud of his bravery. And now I'm proud of Melody for having the opposite reaction.

Said Theo to doc, who was about to give Melody her shot: "Noooooo! Don't break Melody!"

Milestone report: on October 29, Melody actually sat on her own! Unassisted! It lasted a good 20 seconds before the plop. This girl is also as mobile as she possibly can be. She manages to get from one side of her play mat to the other, even though she can't crawl yet. Chica's got places to go.