Friday, March 30, 2007

Eat, Drink, and Playground

Theo is doing well with his talking, especially when it comes to asking for what he wants. I want eat. I want drink. And of course, the main essential - I want playground.

This week it's been so beautiful out that we've spent some time in the city. Tuesday we went to the 23rd st. playground (the one where Theo played with Uma Thurman's kids a couple years back as I glared at her tall, skinny perfection). Incidentally, this is what Theo's hair looked like before I gave it a slight trim. It's still long, just not in his face.

When summer comes we're going to to do a very short haircut, which I'm sure will make him look 5 years old. So I'm procrastinating.

Yesterday little man and I took a stroll through Central Park with Linda and looked at the ducks and swans. He had a great time running through the park, but his mind was focused on finding one thing: "Playground! Playground?" The requests went on and on. I told him we were going to visit daddy at work, and he replied: "And Cay?" He was referring to Clay. It's sweet how they've gotten closer.

The Phone Game

Most of you have had the pleasure of calling me and hearing a sweet little voice say "hello?" Theo often beats me to the phone. I have my own personal secretary. Well, it's the least he can do after the nine months of cooking him that I endured so that he may live.

If I get a call on my cell, and I pick up, he runs and gets daddy's cell phone and starts talking into it. He sits next to me and talks while I talk, no matter how long my conversation is, until I finish. When I get off the phone, he gets off his phone.

It's awful cute. I love having a little shadow.

Too Much for One Heart

Today is....drumroll please....picture day! Can you believe it? Theo has very first picture day at school. He is so grown up.
I cut his hair myself at home because it was long and crazy; I didn't trust a barber to do it, because with the last 5 or so haircuts he's gotten, they always cut his bangs too much, about halfway on to his forehead (like in our Xmas card). No matter how much I beg them to keep the bangs long, they seem to insist on making him look like a bowl headed Mexican. And so I cut his hair, and I don't mind telling you...did a pretty decent job! Here's how we got ready for the big day.

Daddy steams Theo's shirt

Daddy washes Theo's vest (which we later decided not to go with)

Daddy helps his little man with his tie

Ta da! I'm ready for school, mommy!

Friday, March 23, 2007

She's ba-ack

OK, loyal readers, you have the right to give me my lashes. But perhaps you'll forgive me for my absence if I give you the goods. Reaaaally cute pictures.

The other night Joe came into the bedroom and told me that Theo was asleep in the hallway. "What?!"

"It's true," he said. "He got his teddy bear grinch, his other teddy bear, a pillow and a sheet, and took them all in the hall and went to sleep."

"He's batty," I decided, and went with my camera to check it out. Sure enough, this is what I saw.

The next night he went to sleep under the piano bench.

As you can see it was a two day phase. He's back to sleeping in bed!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Time for a Cat Post

Yesterday was an exhausting, long day. I woke up in the middle of the night, and I was annoyed because I knew I’d have trouble getting back to sleep. As if on cue, Bruce came into bed and nuzzled into my armpit. He vibrated all over when I pet him, and if I stopped, he put his paw on me to remind me to continue. He was exactly what I needed. His purring lulled me to sleep.

And as for Maow, she’s entirely back to her old self now. She’s leaping, running, scatching, box-chewing, hunting, chasing…all that cat-like stuff. She also likes to be carried in my arms and give me wet kisses. It’s funny because when Theo was a baby we often had to carry him and walk him around the house, and he’d get mad if we sat down. Now, it’s the same with Maow. When I hold her, she wants me to be standing.

We decided their birthday is going to be April 21st. My mom has graciously agreed to share her birthday party with them. They’re going to be 1! I’ll be melancholy when I no longer have kittens, but man oh man, they are beautiful cats. When you get kittens, you never know what you’re gonna get. But they were stunning as babies and are stunning as almost-adults. They are my medicine and my comfort, truly. I wish I were home with them right now.


I love Theo's concept of reading time. It's not just about the book. It's about the experience. He picks a book, climbs on my lap with a big smile, and says, "here mommy. read." Some books he has memorized. Others, he is only interested in certain parts. For example, I have one book called This is Paris, a children's classic with illustrated pictures of Paris. He always wants to go right to the picture of the train. I wonder if he remembers the Metro. He was so cute in Paris, loving the trains there just as much as here. No matter how long the Metro ride, he was thrilled to press his little face to the window.

What a Gas

Last night, I served chicken and rice with asparagus. Theo refused to touch the green stuff at first, but after a while he finally took a bite. Later, he came over and snuck a bite of it from my plate! I love my good eater. At his age I think I wanted nothing but Ramen and hot dogs.

Picture Day!

Theo brought home an order form from school...picture day is coming up March 30th! I can't believe there's Picture Day in preschool! I am getting the biggest package of course. What do you mean, but my husband is a photographer? I want the corny background!

Baby steps

Grace told me that at school, Theo seems to have taken a few steps backwards since we returned from vacation. He is less alert and responsive at school. I find this very strange, because at home there has been no change. He is very vocal about his needs and no problems with being alert or responsive. Hopefully he catches up soon. My last visit, the one before the performance, was so encouraging. But on the day of the performance, during the party he just ran around and paid no attention to the other kids, and didn’t react to me and Joe walking in. Bizarre.

At home I am noticing Theo sticking his fingers in his mouth, drooling, and he even started snoring again. I think a trip back to the doc is in order. Maybe his ear fluids have returned.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

School Happenings

Last week Theo’s school had pajama day to celebrate Dr. Seuss. All the kids went to school wearing PJs, and brought their favorite stuffed animal, and for breakfast, the class made green eggs and ham. I sent Theo to school with his “teddy bear” Grinch, not realizing until later how appropriate that choice was!

This month is reading month. I have to chart how much reading we do with Theo at home each day. If we do 60 minutes a week, we get Pizza Hut at the end of the month. Well, the reading part sounds good. They can keep the Pizza Hut.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Theo in Paris and Provence

Here is a sampler of Theo pictures from France. To see the rest, e-mail me to get my snapfish login info.


Theo gives money to a bum who plays music by winding a lever. Theo takes a liking to the bum's gray cat.

This hat from Aunt Donny is now very well-traveled.

We all devoured many a savory baguette. Here is Theo running through an adorable street in Arles, Provence.

How's it going, Venus?

Our little tourist!

He had a toy plane to get him revved up for the flight.

Theo's First Performance


This was Tuesday, Feb 27th. Parents were invited for a Chinese New Year party and performance. The kids had just all had a week off, so they were a bit out of practice, but it was cute anyway. As you can see, Theo remembered what to do toward the end of the song!

Oh, and in case it's not obvious, this song is in Chinese. I hear Theo sing it all the time at home now (with hand motions). I'm sure he sang it before and I just thought it was gibberish.

As parents, it was really exciting for Joe and me to go to his first show. I can't imagine ever dreading a school play or recital. Even if he's the kid who always plays a tree, I can't wait! This is the kind of stuff you dream about when you're pregnant. So it's really something when it actually happens.