Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Better late than is a photographic look at Thanksgiving. Melody enjoyed her first Turkey Day...she even ate mashed potatoes and some rice pudding! Theo shoveled down the turkey and pretended not to enjoy it, but the rate at which he scarfed it into his mouth gave him away.Gotta love the boys on the trampoline. And Bo, ever the faithful companion, joined them. Now the Browns have a new puppy, Bailey, who we'll meet at Christmas. Can't wait!
Look at Ethan go!
As usual, Carl cooked up an incredible feast with the help of Jodi and the boys, who did a lot of the chopping and food prep. Good little sous chefs in our family!

Melody in her purple dress was the hit of the night! No one is used to having girls around.
Melody and Grandma Popcorn, looking proud! Such pretty ladies :)

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