Monday, August 10, 2009

6 Years Old

Theo turned 6 on the 6th..53 pounds and not sure how tall he is, but he's pretty enormous! Just marked his height on a wall in his room..had to start fresh in the new apartment. The sad thing about moving was saying goodbye to their height marks in the old place.

We escaped to Mystic on Wednesday to stay with my old buddy Marcail and her boyfriend, Drew, who have a lovely house in this cute seaport town. Katie joined us, which was a nice birthday present for Theo. The two women spoiled Theo rotten! Katie read Theo to sleep on his birthday.

These are my baking pals, so we baked gluten free bread, brownies and cupcakes.

Theo's favorite part of the vacation was the sailboating! We went out on their sailboat twice. Theo was so calm and peaceful. He was fascinated watching Drew operate the boat. He loved the waves that appeared when a speedboat came by. Drew let Theo steer the boat, and Theo did a nice job! On the second sailboat trip Theo rode with Joe and me on the front of the boat, a real highlight. He got to put his feet in the water and feel the waves. He just loved it!


Big thanks to Marcail for opening her amazing home to us! I'm just about ready for another vacation...

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