Saturday, February 06, 2010

Starring Theo as Baby Bear

Since the minute Theo flew out of the womb (practically literally), I dreamt about seeing him in his theatrical debut. What's cuter than a kid in a bad schoool play? And it didn't get any badder than this.

This one kid broke down into tears, hysterical tears, because his mom wasn't there. Everyone agreed to wait for her to start the play, but by 9:30 (a half-hour after showtime) she still hadn't come so they started. The poor kid was so sad he wouldn't say his lines. The play ended with her entering the room and him running to her shouting MOMMY!

The teacher asked if we'd mind watching the play a second time--and that's what they did! You should have seen the kid's face when read his lines that time. He was beaming. I was so happy! Actually, you can see. Look at 4:09 on the video, there he is.

As for Theo, he was the most excited kid there. He couldn't stop smiling before it started! (photo:right) He said his lines with a high pitched voice the first time and it was hard to hear him (Joe thinks he was trying to be Baby does Grandma...I'm not sure. I'll ask the teacher). UPDATE: Theo WAS told to use the high voice! Which officially makes him the best actor in the class!
If you would like to see the first version, I posted it here. 
Theo waits "offstage" to re-enter. Could he be any more excited?
This photo is my favorite. He's accusing Goldilocks "Someone's been sleeping on my bed, and there she is!"
Pretty funny that Baby Bear was taller than Papa and Mama

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ssspune said...

Go, Theo! He is SO good! He really scared Goldilocks bigtime!