Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday Sympathy

I'm in love with Theo right now...yesterday was Joe's birthday, but he was sick and in bed most of the day. Theo cried when he learned daddy was sick in his birthday. Not a tantrum...just quiet tears. The concept of being sick on one's birthday was just so sad to him.

Also, in the morning, Theo had made a list of things to do that day:
Play different kinds of games

He was determined to adhere to that list. So we lit the candles on a cake that poor Joe couldn't eat, invented games that took minimal effort for Mr. Sick, and since I didn't have the kind of presents you open (I made a camera out of meatloaf), Theo drew a watch, a shirt,and movies, and presented those.

Theo asked for paper to make a card, too--that was a first. Usually I have to ask him to make someone a card.

I adore how much both kids love birthdays, even when it's not theirs! Melody's rendition of Happy Birthday, the only song she will sing, had daddy temporarily healed.

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