Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tea Party With My Princess

A couple weeks before Halloween, Melody's Cinderella costume came in the mail and she's barely taken it off since. And who can blame her...

I was the peasant Cinderella.
Lately, we've been having tea parties. We drink berry tea (because it's pink, of course) out of espresso cups. For our first one we had Nutella sandwiches. Now we just eat whatever's around.

Wearing my jewelry and er, make-up
They were pretty confused by this whole pinky in the air thing, but they tried. Of course, Theo used the wrong hand. Leave the dainty to the girls, eh?

And look who else was invited -- their students! The kids have been playing school all.the.time and they take it very seriously. She is Ms. Amy and he is Mr. Mahon, and they give their students real lessons and help them do the work. The students were allowed a break to join us for tea...of course, we didn't have enough cups, so Melody had them share.

One day recently, I overhead Melody's dolls having a conversations. One of them told the other, "I love my mom because we have tea parties and she snuggles with me." Definitely one of those rare and lovely "I'm doing something right" moments. 

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