Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This Is Six

Age 6 started with a ballet recital.

followed by a Kindergarten Dual Language performance, in which the class danced like frogs.

Then came the Kindergarten Stepping Up ceremony, and they sang the song "Happy" through the aisles.

Our annual July 4th outing to Coney Island fell on a Friday, so that meant fireworks and getting home late, good and tired. 

Summer adventures included setting sail on a pirate ship with Eden...

 and spending the weekend camping with her at the Poconos Environmental Center!

Time for first grade, and an EPIC haircut! She'd been asking for this cut for months, and when she got it she couldn't stop staring at herself in the mirror and smiling. It suited her personality perfectly.

6 was also the age of Gone Grill -- she lost her two upper teeth.

6 was when Melody started her cooking show, In the Kitchen With Melody -- and turned out to be really stinkin' good on camera.

 Melody's affection for her brother doesn't waver, but some of their special games embarrass her in public now. He's only allowed to call her Baby Kitty in private.

Melody really bonded with Allie aka Alleycat aka Alexandra this year. Allie lets Melody carry her she gets older and more feeble, Melody's tenderness  toward her grows. We call her broken Allie...and Melody is currently broken Melody.

This year she finally got the swing of the monkey bars, except for when she didn't and fell and broke her wrist. We were proud of what a trooper she was -- didn't slow down for a second. She was performing the next day, and camping out in a tent two days later. She relished the attention and the fawning and the cast signing. And my big girl swallows pills now.

Monster High is out, though she still likes it. Frozen is out...she is sick of Let It Go...but she didn't mind when we saw Frozen On Ice...
Now Shopkins are in with a fury. That's largely thanks to her school crew, including Ecclesia, whom she's recently grown close to.

6 is the year Melody declared she has her own style. The style includes these lace up boots she begged for, and plaid headbands.

6 is when she mounted her first horse and enjoyed every second, fearless. This photo is from Pinegrove Ranch, where we spent a fun winter weekend.

 Freckles appeared in full force this year and I just adore them.

Melody continues to be an all-in-one cast of characters depending on the day. She had no problem holding this frog, but let out a high-pitched scream when she saw a bug recently. I could tell she got that from TV or a friend, since that's so not her.
 She and Theo are still Wii buddies, and once in a while she indulges him by playing a board game he's made up.
Love my Minecraft girl. This was her Halloween costume, which she made.

In other major news, Melody got her big-girl bike this year! It was handed down from her 11YO friend Alicia, who also tutors her in Spanish. 

Melody's close friends are like sisters -- they love hard, they bicker hard, and they play hard. 

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