Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tale of the Tane

For years I have observed the classic child subway riding method - kneeling on the seat and looking out the window.

Ever since Theo was one month old, he's been a subway-riding New Yorker. I'd say since he was born, but during that first month I was instilled with fear that he'd catch every germ he was exposed to, and followed my "no train or bus" orders.

After that, we were train buddies. He was light as anything to carry in the Baby Bjorn. When he became heavy, Joe took over and was eventually the sole Baby Bjorn-er. Finally, although we cheated and went a few pounds and inches past the limit, we accepted that we just couldn't use the thing anymore. We switched to umbrella strollers, which was all right at first, but the heavier he got, the more I dreaded the subway. Which saddened me.

This spring marks the beginning of stroller-ditching. We still have it, just in case, but I can't see when we'll feel the need to use it again. Theo loves climbing the stairs up to the subway and it makes life eternally easier for Joe and me. It's even better when Joe's with us, because I don't have to worry about Theo getting tired. Joe can just hoist him up on his shoulders.

Back to the train. Like I said before I digressed, Theo has been riding the train his whole life, and yet, one day he decided to wake up and notice it. What is it, are there genes that kids have that kick in at certain moments?

I can't tell you what day it was. All I know is one day Theo watched for trains to come. When they did, he pointed and shouted with excitement, "TANE!" Now, he does it every time.

And why did he one day, start dragging us to the stairs as we passed by the subway? We'd been passing those steps for a few years without him caring whether we ascend.

And when did he start kneeling on the seat and pressing his little nose against the window? I don't know for certain, but it is something I have been waiting for for 3 years. Now that it's here, all I can do is sadly think about the next milestone: the day he stops. When he opts to be a big boy, who sits next to me to have a conversation, instead.


Grandma Carol said...

I'm a 53- year old woman who still presses her nose up to the window of the "tane" to look outside. Maybe he'll never stop doing that. :) But it will be fun having a conversation with him just the same.

Anonymous said...

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