Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Annual Independence Day Coney Island Trip


We were particularly excited to take Theo to Coney Island this year. One reason, of course, was that it was Astroland's final summer. Another reason was that Theo would be tall enough for every kiddie ride!

We got there, watched the hot dog eating contest, and then devoured some hot dogs of our own--albeit not 66 of them. On the kiddie rides, Theo and I rode the roller coaster, and he rode the airplanes, motorcycles, trucks, horses, etc...

He laughed so hard when we were on the coaster. I made sure we got the best and fastest ride--the back car, of course!

By the time we went to the beach, it was chilly and about to rain. Still, Theo was convinced he was going to swim. We allowed him to take off his shoes and shirt and approach the water. Needless to say, only his feet made it in. But he sure loved running in and out of the water!

Here's Theo jamming with the street performer he gave money to.

Theo passed out on the hour long train ride home, and woke up in time to watch the fireworks from our window. Or "rain," as he called it. He was so cute shouting out the colors!

Coney Island may never be the same, but we will continue to go every 4th, no matter what. What can I say, it's our thang.

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Marcail said...

that picture of you and theo is absolutely adorable!