Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Maow and her Spongebob toy collection


Every time we go to the movies, we buy Maow this 50 cent Spongebob toy from a machine. At first it was meant for Theo, but she took possession immediately.

This video cracks me up because you can see her with all three of them. How she doesn't lose them, I'll never know. Watch as she goes from an old one, to a new one (the difference is quite clear) and then another old one. We're going to see the Simpsons movie tonight. Can't wait to bring her home another Spongebob!

I equate her Spongebobs to the Velveteen Rabbit. As you can see, the new one is yellow and crisp, and the old ones are torn and tattered. That's how you can tell how much love they've gotten.

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