Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here We Go!

Don't worry, I'm not inflicting ignored older child syndrome on Theo. Yes, he turned 5 and I wrote nothing, and Melody turned 2 months and I wrote something. But that' s only because I had less to say with her. Yes, she's cute, she's growing, blah blah. With Theo there's so much to say and I needed time. Cross your fingers for me that now's the time. Theo's amusing himself jumping on my bed and Melody's sleeping.

I should also note that I've beeing keeping up on Theo via tons of posted photos on Facebook. Most of you readers are Facebook friends, but for the ones who aren't (old people! *cough cough*) I'll post links. :)

So. I was so paranoid about Theo not being the ignored child that we celebrated his birthday at least four times. A birthday party for friends and family, a birthday party at school, Rowboating in Central Park, and then a hot air balloon ride. I will expand on all those things right now, even though I am hearing a pestering "can we go ouuuuuuuuuut" in my ear.

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