Sunday, August 17, 2008

Theo's Birthdays

Theo has really blossomed these past weeks. A breakthrough may be a bit extreme, but suffice it to say, a lot of exciting things have been happening. For one, the last few times at the playground, I've seen him really approaching other kids, talking to them, interacting with them, and breaking his own routine to do so. Yesterday, a kid was hanging upside down, and Theo went up to him and said "why you upside down?" His big question to everyone is "why're you doing?"

We were so delighted by his birthday party at the playground this year. This was the first year he really hung out with us at his party and didn't run off to the playground every chance he got.

Theo was so patient waiting for us to start lighting the candles!
And these are the grownups! We had lots of kids, too!

The pinata was a big hit. Sorry--a mom joke, I know.

Theo loved his remote control car.

Here are the rest of the photos from the party. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PICS!

On the day of his actual birthday, we had a party for him at school. Last year this didn't go so well. Inexplicably, he cried through most of it. But this year, from the second we showed up at class, he was thrilled! His teacher loved watching Theo interact with Melody. He went up and gave the baby an unsolicited kiss, and Lavern could tell he was crazy about her.

Theo danced, read stories, and led the class in their goodbye song. At the end, he invited each kid up to give them a couple of toy cars that we brought.

Wanna see more pics of Theo's birthday party at school, and our trip to Central Park after?

Here's a video of Theo and daddy rowing the boat. We sang a round of "Row, Row, Row your boat" and of course sang "Melody, Melody, Melody, Melody, life is but a dream!"

Watching on as Theo plays.

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Lin said...

yay for theo! glad he had so many fun looking parties, what a lucky boy... :)

and melody's so cute... what a little chubster :)

hugs to you... so glad i got to visit albeit briefly.