Monday, September 01, 2008

The Beginning and the End

Happy Labor Day. Tomorrow is Theo's first day of kindergarten and my first day back to work.
I have to say, though, I had a kickass maternity leave. The other night at bedtime, when Theo makes up silly songs, he sang one about all the stuff he did this summer. He sang about going on a balloon, running the bases, walking the bridge, seeing the waterfall, and the boat ride. He's so sweet. He really takes it all in.

It's 5:57 AM and I've been blogging for over an hour. I finally had the chance and I took it! Besides, I couldn't get back to sleep after Melody's 3:30 feeding. But yawn, I'm going to try to snooze now. Good night (or good morning!).

Update, 6:03 AM. Never mind, someone is stirring. Who needs sleep, anyway? There are blue eyes to be looked at!

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