Monday, September 01, 2008

Goodbye Shea Stadium

Last Sunday, Melody saw her first and last Mets game at Shea, which will be only a memory next year as Citi Field takes its place as the new home of the brave. Theo got to run the bases after the game. By the time he ran across home plate, his smile was enormous! Joe thinks it's hilarious that he tried to run out on the field, as you can see from this video.

Tatis is the name of one of our players, and we thought it'd be funny to write his name there for obvious reasons.

We went to a Cyclones game last night at Coney Island for "Baby's First Ball Game" Night. I had sent this photo in before the game, and they flashed it on their big screen in between innings! Again, Theo got to run the bases, and this time--so did we! Melody was photographed "running" --maybe they'll put the photo on their website.

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