Thursday, January 07, 2010

Top 11 Reasons All Cats Have Autism

  • They throw a fit if there's a change in their routine. You don't want to be around a cat who's mad that dinner is late.
  • They can spend hours fixated on a light bulb, staring out the window, or playing with a ball.
  • Social anxiety
  • Fear of loud noises
  • They prefer flipping the pages of books to actually reading them
  • They exist in their own world (if you're lucky, you are a guest)
  • They act out when overstimulated
  • They don't mean to misbehave
  • Some are the height of innocence and accept affection from any stranger, while others refuse to be touched
  • Once you win them over, you will never know a more rewarding relationship
  • Their vision of the world is much more beautiful and brilliant. They know a purity in life that the rest of us can't begin to understand...but because we love them, we'll continue to try.

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Luna said...

LOL. Great minds think alike. I just wrote a post like this the other day. Cats and autism. Yours is much more succinct. :) I'm a dog person... I ramble and go on.