Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Waiting For the Toof Fairy

When Melody and I got home from a playdate last night, Theo greeted us at the door with a dangling tooth. He told me about several failed attempts to pull it out--Joe tried ye olde string method, but the tooth wasn't ready. The poor guy was so disappointed! He was uncomfortable, sure, but more than anything he wanted his visit from the Tooth Fairy.

He got out paper and a pencil, sat down and began writing. I was half paying attention, helping him spell the words he didn't know while doing other things. It wasn't until he finished his first drawing that I realized the brilliance he had produced.

I ran to Joe to show him the picture and we cracked up! I think it's the best picture he's drawn yet. Hilarious! And how much do I love him for spelling words as he hears them...I didn't have the heart to correct "toof."

But wait, he wasn't done. He sat back down and created his next masterpiece, him lying in bed, complete with the lollipop under the pillow. He told me "the magic turns the tooth into a lollipop." I was impressed that he drew the Tooth Fairy horizontally to indicate that she was flying. That may not seem like a big deal, but for him it was. He almost always draws all his people the same way.

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