Monday, March 15, 2010

Three Generations of a Rocking Chair and Dolls

I always loved the little rocking chair in Aunt Don's apartment. During our last visit, it occurred to me to bring it out for Melody, along with three dolls that belonged to my cousin Jo when she was a little girl.

Melody didn't exactle handle the dolls with care, but she sure did look cute on the chair!

Now Jo, Melody and I have all sat on that little rocking chair that Aunt Don says Uncle Charlie brought home for Jo.

Update: Jo read this and said
"Hi darlin....this is great. It was very emotional for me to see Melody in that chair. It was around 1952 that my Dad brought it home so that I could sit in front of our first TV and watch Howdy Doody!! I still love it."

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Lydia and Kate said...

Oh my goodness! Your daughter is sooo cute! Hope she sleeps better than my little cupcake (baked by the devil).
xo, Lydia