Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Reality is Sinking In: I Really Have Stopped Nursing

Operation: Wean
Day 2

Yesterday was much easier than Monday. Despite all the ice cream justifications I spouted out, I didn't even need to bring in sweet reinforcements. She accepted cereal and pasta and other drinks when I refused to nurse.

She still hasn't understood the concept of "No more boobies." She just hears "No boobies now." So she's rejected over and over again. That's the hard part. But she is at least starting to accept it more quickly, with fewer cries if any.

So wow, I haven't nursed in more than 2 days!

I've noticed just how much I really used to breastfeed, because yesterday every time she woke up or came close to me my instinct was to pull my shirt up. I had to remind myself not to do it!

In case you're wondering how much physical pain I must be in, the answer is none. I tried to wean while on a business trip in September, so I've already gone through the pain of days' worth of engorgement. When I returned from my trip, I didn't have the heart to refuse her like I planned, so we rebuilt a small supply of milk. Not enough to cause me discomfort now.


Elizabeth said...

Loved this post, Elyse! I'm procrastinating at work, so I came upon your blog and read through it ... love what you said about how nursing brought your kids closer to you, and how it was something only you could do for them.... isn't nature great?

Aysegul Yalcin-Turkmen said...

Hi Elyse,

I'm a friend of Ayesha Ozturk's. My little girl is 20 months and I've been trying to wean her off. Days are not as bad as they used to be but nights are very difficult. The ice cream sounds great during the day which I want to give it a try for sure but what about at night? Any suggestions with minimal crying? My daughter still wakes up several times at night and cries and pulls on my shirt until I give in and nurse. Pls let me know your suggestions.

Elyse Orecchio said...

Thanks, Elizabeth, yes--nature is amazing.

Hi, Aysegul, thanks for the comment. I don't want to sound like a monster but what you're describing was me for the longest time until I couldn't take it anymore and began to let her cry it out. I work full-time and we were both so tired--it wasn't doing either of us any good to be up all night. So when she turned 1 I let her cry, and within a few days she slept through the night. But believe me, it was hard. Have you tried it?

I'm sure many moms have managed to wean tear-free, but I don't think it was in the cards for me. I got to the point where I decided to just endure a few days of crying, and it worked. I hope it will work out even better for you!