Thursday, April 01, 2010

Nursing Gives Way to New Forms of Affection

Operation: Wean
Day 3

Every time Melody asked for "alk alk alk" I offered a hug and kiss instead. I also offered a drink or something to eat. She usually accepted one of those things.

So last night I was lying on the floor doing ab crunches with the FitTV channel, and Melody came over to lift my shirt so she could get a fix. I told her no, and what she said next surprised and delighted me: "Kiss?"

I crunched up and kissed her. Went back down. Crunched back up and kissed her again. Went back down. At this point she was laughing and understanding the game, so we kept at it--I got a workout and we both got kisses!

Since weaning I've been getting more hugs and cuddles in general. Before, any time she was close to me, she wanted to nurse. I'm looking forward to getting more of this type of affection. I looooooooooooooooove hugs from my girl!

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