Monday, February 05, 2007

The Gray Hat

Aunt Donny knits tons of beautiful hats. They're all over the country, as her proud sister gives them as gifts to just about everyone. The clerk at the supermarket has one. The banker has one. You get the picture.

Theo has a green army coat with a matching green army hat. But he won't wear the green hat. He will wear only Aunt Donny's gray hat. It has a green stripe on it, so it still matches the coat. (Yeah, Elyse, like Theo really cares.)

Yesterday, Clay was over. It was freezing and he had no hat, so I tried to send him home with another of Aunt Donny's gray hats. This one was plain with no stripe. Clay put it on, and Theo got mad.

"No! No Cay! Theo hat! Theo haaat!"

Explaining that it was a different hat was futile. Clay returned the hat. Theo put it on and wore it to sleep.

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