Monday, February 05, 2007

Maow is Home

Cross your paws for a speedy recovery. She is having issues with her kidneys and had a seizure on Friday, but hasn't had one since. She has reunited with her brother, who is taking good care of her and licking her whenever she cries and tending to her as if he were her mother.

Her appetite is slowly increasing and she's looking better. She keeps down everything she eats and seems to be eliminating normally. Even the doctor is optimistic. If we can just get her healed... It's scary, though. She's still so small and skinny and frail, and sometimes she looks so weak. But day by day she's looking and getting stronger. I'm dreading next week's blood test, when we see how her kidneys are doing. None of us can take any more bad news.

But she's happy, home, and purring. I have that to hold on to right now. Amazing how much you can love an animal you've had less than a year.

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