Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another Movie Date

Every day when I pick up Theo he says he wants ice cream from the ice cream truck. Usually I say something like, first dinner, then ice cream. Or first store, then home. He's really starting to get the idea of this sequencing.

Yesterday I told him that we were first going to get pizza, then go to the movies. He was very excited by this, and repeated as we walked hand in hand, "first pizza, n mooo-vie!" Then we passed by the ice cream truck, and he changed up the plan. "Mommy, first ice cream, n pizza, n movie!" How could I not give in to that?
He ran up to the ice cream lady in the truck, pointed to a picture of the vanilla cone, and said, "I want nilla peese!" She, charmed, gave him his order, and he said "thank you!" People get the biggest smiles on their faces when they hear my little guy's good manners. Makes mama very proud!

We passed by the playground on the way to get pizza. So after we ate, Theo changed up the plan again. "First playground, n mooo-vie." As it turned out, that was my intention anyway, since we were still early for meeting Joe and Clay. Plus, I'm thrilled to encourage this understanding of sequence.

We met up with Joe and Clay, went into the movie theatre, and bought Maow her fourth Spongebob toy from the machine (see yesterday's post). Once seated, it was still dark, and Theo said, "Mommy, where mooo-vie? I want mooo-vie!" Finally, the movie came on, and Theo sat like a perfect little boy during the whole thing. He had his tub of pringles and bottle of water, and he was set. He even laughed at various points! He seems to really enjoy the experience in being in a theatre and watching a movie with other people.

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