Friday, August 10, 2007

How's Theo? Theo's 4!


Well, it was a whoooole lotta celebrating last weekend. We had the bug's 4th birthday party on Saturday, which was a great success. The party was in a local Sunnyside playground. It was in the 90s but most of us stayed cool with occasional trips to the sprinklers, which gave off a good mist without soaking you unless you want to be soaked.

Theo was excited when he realized it was his party, which didn't happen until he saw the cake was for him. He's so used to it being someone else's birthday. He finally announced with a big smile, "It's Theo birday!"

Theo wasn't too thrilled with the concept of being given presents that he couldn't play with right then and there. But after a few gifts he got the point, and by the end, he said, "I want more presents."

A whole truckload of kids from the playground came over to help Theo bust open his Batman pinata.

Click here to see pictures and videos from the weekend. (User name is, password is seemypics).

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