Saturday, August 25, 2007

Visit to the Ladies


Here's Theo saying goodbye to Nonny and Aunt Donny after a good, long polka. As usual, this was a great visit. Before we left the house I asked Theo what we eat at Nonny's - meatballs! I asked him what we do at Aunt Donny's - cake! "Yes, we eat cake, but what do we DO?" - Dance!
I was so impressed with his answers to non yes or no questions!

We brought play dough to Aunt Don's and the ladies marveled at this advanced toy! They thought it was the most amazing, creative invention. Aunt Don took the pink play dough and showed me how to make pasta the way her mom did. There was one kind of pasta (I can't remember the name, but it was cavatelli-ish) that I couldn't quite get the hang of, which frustrated her. She thought it was so easy, you just take two fingers and give it a quick roll. She had such finesse and such skilled, practiced fingers that she didn't understand why I didn't get it right away!

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