Monday, October 20, 2008

Kiddie Anecodotes

Sometimes, when working, I keep a dictionary next to me as I edit. Right now, Melody is sitting on my lap and swatting at it. A little genius?

Melody is finally starting to bat at hanging toys. This morning she grabbed hold of the cow on the mobile for the first time!

Both kids went to the doc for shots on Saturday. Melody weighs 14lbs, 10 oz. As usual, she cried when she got the shot but was immediately comforted by nursing. Theo was up next, and I felt bad that I couldn't help him out the same way! He's such a drama queen, he was saying "ouchie, ouchie, huuurt" before he even got the shot! But daddy and the doctor gave him stickers, and he was fine a few seconds later.

Later that day, we visited Nonny and Aunt Don. Melody fell asleep in Aunt Don's arms; that's a sweet memory that I'll treasure.

So, funny story: Last night at dinner, Theo refused to eat his carrots. I told him if he ate his carrots, we'd make cookies. Still, he refused. Two hours later:
"Mommmmy, I wanna make cooookies."
"No, Theo, you didn't eat your carrots." (I really wanted the cookies, so it took all my willpower to reinforce my own rule.)
"First carrot, then cookies?"
"What, you want a carrot now?"
And so I took a raw carrot out of the fridge, peeled it, and fashioned a carrot stick. He ate the whole thing! And we made cookies.
Sigh. What a silly boy I have.

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