Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sick little Maow

I was just musing last week in this post about how the cats are fascinated with the bathtub.

Well, a few days later, it turned out to be not so funny. After a few days of Maow vomiting, not eating, hiding, and being lethargic, Joe took her to two vets. To cut to the chase, she had surgery this morning. The vet wasn't sure if she'd survive because she's so small.

But good news - she lived! It turns out there was a piece of Theo's rubber bath toy lodged, obstructing her bowels. Theo has rubber cars and buses that stick to the tub wall, and the cats like to chew them. We always tried to stop them, of course. But for some reason we were stupid and didn't get rid of the toys. We also didn't have pet insurance.

But the important thing is for my little girl to come home safely. She'll need to recover at the vet a couple more days. I won't be fully relieved until she's bugging me by trying to climb on the table, or purring on my lap.

I love you, Maow. Come home safe to your brothers, they miss you.

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