Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cute Mode

Theo is always cute, I know, but sometimes he's really in full force cute mode. Last night he was at the height of cuteness.

1. I had made the sick boy chicken soup a la Nonny over the weekend. He refused all veggies and ate only the chicken and the broth. Little Theo used to eat anything in the world if it was in a soup, but now it's like he grew up and discovered veggies are healthy or something. Anyway, since he was sick and the broth was the important part, I gave him a straw to suck out the broth and leave the veggies. So yesterday I gave him some leftover soup and he immediately said "I want a straw!" Oh boy, what have I started?

2. A few weeks ago we all did "cheers" with our cups at dinner. Last night Theo randomly remembered this and held up his cup and said "cheers!" Boy, if only you'd seen the smile on his face!!

3. Whenever someone burps or farts, we blame someone else. For instance, if I burp I say "Theo, stop burping!" and then he says "Daddy, stop burping!" and Joe says "Bruce, stop burping!" Then we all laugh. A tear jerker of a family tradition, eh? So last night Theo decided he was going to learn how to burp. Frustrated, he said "I can't!" But he kept trying to produce burp-like sounds that really just sounded like someone going "eh." It was hysterical!

You should see Theo attempt to wink and whistle!

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