Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Watering Hole

Week two of Mission: No more diapers.
It's kind of ironic how the success has been in the department I least expected: the pooping. Theo hasn't had one poop accident. He has told me when he's had to go, and then gone, every night (and he proudly shows me before he flushes!). I'm amazed and proud and surprised! After all, this is where he had trouble before. He's known how to pee in the toilet for well over a year.

But knowing how to and doing it are apparently different. He is still having wet accidents when left to his own devices. He's great about being instructed to pee, but the idea is to get him to recognize the urge to go and then go in the toilet. That part is going slower, but I'm still confident it will happen. Like I said, failure is not an option, which really helps. School has returned all pull-ups. He is GOING to be toilet trained. NOW.

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