Wednesday, February 06, 2008

So Far, So Good

Update on Operation: No More Diapers

Monday: Grace began using a timer every 30-40 minutes to take Theo to the bathroom. He had no accidents at school, he had just one with Marta, and then none at home! At home I used the microwave as a timer, since I haven't bought a little egg timer yet. Theo knows when he hears the "beep beep" that it means to pee, but he didn't want to go every time. I think it's fine for him to say no to going, as long as it means he's thinking about whether he has to go. Monday night he pooped in the toilet, but that's because I smelled a fart and told him to!

Tuesday: Whooohoooooooo! NO accidents yesterday! Not in school, not with Marta, and not at home. And at home, he asked to poop on the toilet, and then did! I love my boy for the pleasure he gets out of things like grabbing toilet paper and wiping. Do any of you smile when you do that?? Last night we decided to increase the interval of the timer a bit, to an hour.

Evaluation: He still isn't asking/telling me he has to pee in the toilet, but I am confident that after a week or so of him going as often as has been, he'll just be so used to it it'll become second nature and he won't think to pee in his underwear. I think this is going really well so far!

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