Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Knuffle Bunny

Grandma Ice Cream bought Theo the book Knuffle Bunny, as well as the sequel, the DVD, and the actual stuffed bunny the book is about.

So now Theo is a little Knuffle Bunny freak. He's gotta read the book every night and watch the DVD almost every day (luckily, the latter hasn't replaced the former). The story is about a daddy and his little girl who brings her stuffed bunny with her to the laundromat, and leaves it there. She obviously has a heart attack as a result. Funny how now Theo's stuffed Knuffle Bunny is becoming as beloved to him as the little girl's is to her!

The drawings are set on a backdrop of photographs in Brooklyn. 2 nights ago I was laying in bed listening to Joe read Theo Knuffle Bunny, when Theo suddenly exclaimed, "Look! Going to Nonny's house!" Joe and I burst out laughing! This is the picture Theo was referring to:

Do we have a smart cookie or what? I know for sure it's Brooklyn, from research, and there's a very good chance that it is indeed Park Slope, where Nonny lives.

UPDATE: Aunt Pia confirmed IS Park Slope! Thanks for sending me this story, auntie!

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