Monday, June 05, 2006

And Kittens Make Five

Never before had I seen a storm shut down entire train lines. Friday's rainstorm was NY's equivalent of a hurricane. With the trains out, Theo and I took a bus, packed with would-be subway riders. On we treaded to a pet shelter, Kitty Karetakers, in Rego Park.

We were allowed to look around, and right away I searched for the kittens I had seen online - a litter of orange babies.

There was only one girl. When I looked at those big eyes encased in a tiny little head, I was determined to take her and her brother home. I figured that nightmare of a commute couldn't be for nothing.

Joe and I have different tastes in cats. I like tabbys and he likes them more exotic. But when he saw pictures of the orange pootie wooties he was instantly in love. Yet another reason we were meant to have them.

Last night they arrived, and now I'm happy to report I have 3 children.


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