Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bed, Bond, and Beyond

Notice I haven't posted any pictures of Theo with the kittens? That's because I don't have any. They are very clever little creatures and learned quite quickly to flee the big bad Theo Monster when he lurks near.

When he is in terrible two mode, he picks them up and drops them. He is just playing, but he doesn't realize his own strength. I know he doesn't know what he's doing; it's obvious that he adores them. He is playing the part of a new big brother with babies in the house. He gets jealous and acts out for attention. He sees mommy and daddy doting on the babies and looks at them as the enemy...when he's not immersed in blissful play with them.

My three kids share toys. You ain't seen nothin' til you've seen the three of them running around chasing the same ball. I'm losing track of whom the orginal toy was bought for.

Then there are those utopian moments when the whole family comes together. When Theo is mellow and gentle, and he, Joey and I cuddle and pet the pootie wooties together.

Last night Theo seemed to have a nightmare, and so he came into our bed in the wee hours. Maow and Bruce were with us, purring. I imagined being someone else, looking in at the five of us on the bed, smiling.

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Grandma Carol said...

That last paragraph is so beautiful, I had to read it over and over.