Tuesday, June 06, 2006

First Days...

When I first met Maow and Bruce, I couldn't tell them apart. Now, I can't believe I ever had difficulty. Bruce is slightly larger with a narrow face and bat ears. Maow has a tiny little round face and a lighter tone of orange fur.

Bruce seems to have a toe fetish. He is always nibbling on someone's toes, and he is such a little boy. Hyperactive and playful. Maow is more mellow and does her best to defend herself against her brother, but he always ends up on top...literally. Both are ravenous eaters.

Yesterday I came home to them for the first time - only they were nowhere to be found. I told myself it was silly to panic, that they were tiny and obviously in a spot I can't think to look in, but I admit I got nervous. Theo and I wandered around the house yelling their names, which I'm happy to report Theo has already mastered. He was so cute looking under the bed, table, and chairs with me.

Finally they appeared...from where, I can't tell you.

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