Monday, June 26, 2006

Testing, Testing

Joe took Theo to a new pediatric neurologist on Tuesday. The doctor spent less than twenty minutes with Theo, and essentially used that time to just ask Joe questions. Theo was in one of his moods, and ran back and forth repeatedly. The doctor suspected PDD. Without giving Theo so much as a toy to play with.

While we were annoyed and wanted to write him off, Joe liked his suggestion of getting an EEG test, and so Joe took him back the next evening (at this point I was on doctor strike and my wonderful husband took over. Joe was concerned that I actually got physically sick from the stress; that day I had puked at work).

Theo was an angel as the doctor spent forever attaching electrodes to his head. Joe got him to lie still by petting his head and softly saying, "shh." This is one of their nighttime rituals.

And so Theo's brain activity was tested. The results won't be back for a'll know when I do.

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