Friday, March 30, 2007

Too Much for One Heart

Today is....drumroll please....picture day! Can you believe it? Theo has very first picture day at school. He is so grown up.
I cut his hair myself at home because it was long and crazy; I didn't trust a barber to do it, because with the last 5 or so haircuts he's gotten, they always cut his bangs too much, about halfway on to his forehead (like in our Xmas card). No matter how much I beg them to keep the bangs long, they seem to insist on making him look like a bowl headed Mexican. And so I cut his hair, and I don't mind telling you...did a pretty decent job! Here's how we got ready for the big day.

Daddy steams Theo's shirt

Daddy washes Theo's vest (which we later decided not to go with)

Daddy helps his little man with his tie

Ta da! I'm ready for school, mommy!

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Grandma Carol said...

You did a great job with the haircut- and both of you in making him look so handsome. (Which is not a tough job- nature already did that) The pictures are great of the getting ready process. I can't wait to see the school pix!