Friday, March 30, 2007

Eat, Drink, and Playground

Theo is doing well with his talking, especially when it comes to asking for what he wants. I want eat. I want drink. And of course, the main essential - I want playground.

This week it's been so beautiful out that we've spent some time in the city. Tuesday we went to the 23rd st. playground (the one where Theo played with Uma Thurman's kids a couple years back as I glared at her tall, skinny perfection). Incidentally, this is what Theo's hair looked like before I gave it a slight trim. It's still long, just not in his face.

When summer comes we're going to to do a very short haircut, which I'm sure will make him look 5 years old. So I'm procrastinating.

Yesterday little man and I took a stroll through Central Park with Linda and looked at the ducks and swans. He had a great time running through the park, but his mind was focused on finding one thing: "Playground! Playground?" The requests went on and on. I told him we were going to visit daddy at work, and he replied: "And Cay?" He was referring to Clay. It's sweet how they've gotten closer.

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