Friday, June 15, 2007

Tales of Laundry and Woe

Last night after work I got Theo from the sitter and told him we were doing laundry. He was immediately excited. I know I've posted this before, but he loves it! He carries down the detergent, knows to press C on the elevator instead of 1 when we're going out, and helps put the clothes in the washer and dryer, and puts the quarters in and pushes the buttons.

One time, a while ago, he slammed the gate to the laundry room shut, locking us in. We had to go through another door that leads outside and wait for a neighbor to come by to let us into the lobby.

Since then, I've been careful to make sure Theo doesn't lock that door. But last night, I was distracted, and sure enough I heard the dreaded slam. I was exhausted and furious, and so I told Theo to sit down in time out, and that he couldn't help me with laundry. Even in my anger I had to laugh at the idea of punishing a kid by telling him he COULDN'T do a chore. After a few minutes of his sad face I couldn't take it and let him help me load the washer, which he did gleefully.

When it was time to go upstairs, he ran to the door that leads outside. I couldn't believe it! He remembered! He had locked the gate on purpose so that'd we'd have to use the other door and go outside! I swear, what a little pest I have. A smart pest, though.

On the elevator ride back up I told him I wanted a hug. He gave me one, and then he said "I want kiss." I kissed him and we were friends again.

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