Sunday, June 24, 2007

A day with Grandma Ice-Cream and Poppy

Guest blogger: Grandma Ice Cream

I could see right away after being out in the playground that Theo was thirsty. After many rounds of being told "Come here, Grandma, slide" and complying, I was thirsty.too. Thirsty but happy. And anxious to try out my new Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. So we made orange juice (the regular old orange- juice- squeezer way, because it tastes better) and then I put through some carrots in my new juicer. Out came the carrot juice, to Theo's wide-eyed delight, and he couldn't wait to try it. He juiced carrots, celery, and an apple. (With a little help from Grandma Ice-Cream) We shared a big glass of the juices, and everytime he tasted it, he made a face, but kept insisting he liked it and wanted more. It was really funny to watch him.

He took an interest in the paintings we have hanging. "Who's that?" he asked, seeing the one hanging in the dinette. "Gustav Mahler", I replied. What's that, I asked him, of the picture hanging above my couch. "Paris", he said, and Grampa couldn't believe his ears. Paris it was.

Then we went to get the car checked out and brought up to spec for the summer. While we waited, we went to the Barbershop to get haircuts. Grampa Chocolate-Milk, (Theo's new name for Poppy after bonding over haircuts and chocolate milk) got his haircut after Theo, so he got to watch him. Theo loves to get his hair cut. He was so good and cute. The barber gave him a high-five and a lollypop. Theo was happy and kept looking in the mirror and smiling. About his haircut and his lollipop. :)

Time for pizza. Boy did he eat. He loves his pizza!

The car still wasn't ready, so off we went to the library, where Theo and I read and sang stories in the children's section. Getting a bit restless, we took a walk along Northern Boulevard and came upon Burger King. There Theo played with abandon and immersed himself in tunnels,other kids, fries and chicken nuggets.

Finally the car was ready and we came home. Theo pulled out a movie he likes when he comes over (BabySongs) and we relaxed to it together. While preparing some dinner, I came in to find him sound asleep on the couch. He must have been so tired. Grampa Chocolate Milk Poppy carried him to the bed to rest.

And then his beautiful mommy came home.

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