Thursday, June 28, 2007

No School Right Now

Thursday was the last day of school, and summer session starts in 2 weeks. On Friday, he was so forlorn when we told him "no school bus today" that he started to cry. But when I picked him up from Kathy's that afternoon, he was his cheery self. He told me, "no book-bag." And he's been telling me that when I pick him up every day this week!

Our walks home are hilarious. I get there, and he runs to me with full force, sweetly waves "bye, Kathy!" and we're off. He directs us home. Sometimes he wants to cross the street laterally, sometimes he wants to go on the 25 cent mechanical horse ("I want horse up and down!"), sometimes he wants to go to the store, sometimes he wants a gumball from the machine, and most days he wants to go to the ice cream truck. He doesn't always get his way, of course, but he does a majority of the time since I like to encourage his asking for things--and he's so damn cute--and he throws a fit when he doesn't get his way on days when he's tired.

The other day we were walking home, and he pointed to a wall and said "empty!" I didn't realize what the heck he was talking about until I remembered that until then, there were rows of tall bushes. Apparently they were removed for some reason, and I didn't notice, but he sure did! Because he used to love to run behind them! But isn't he a perceptive little guy? He knows so much more than any of us knows he knows. Try saying that three times fast.

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