Thursday, June 21, 2007

This Week's Happenings

I'm writing this from a courthouse in Jamaica, where I'm on my third glorious, honorable day of jury duty.

Today is Theo's last day of school for a couple of weeks, and then the summer session begins. Joe went to their little graduation party a couple of days ago. Theo wasn't graduating, of course, but most of his class was. That'll be Theo next year!

This past weekend was a very park-y one. On Saturday we went to Bear Mountain with Joanne Highley and the gang. Theo had a great time on the rowboat, at the playground, and watching our group volleyball game. In between each play, he ran on the field, gave me a hug, and ran back to the grass to sit and watch.

The next day, Father's Day, we got to Central Park at 7:30 a.m. to wait for Romeo and Juliet tickets, which would be handed out at 1 p.m. Theo was a pretty good boy. He enjoyed watching the many dogs go by. We had blankets and pillows with us and wanted to take a family nap, but Theo wasn't having it. Somehow he was a ball of energy!

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