Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Weekend That Went Swimmingly

I waited to post about Memorial Day Weekend because I didn't want to do it without photographic representation. And now I have it.

Last weekend, before heading off to the Hamptons, Joe took Theo around midtown for a mini photo shoot.

Herald Square:

Outside a fire station:

We took off to East Hampton to stay with Joe's friend, who has house there. We enjoyed a sleepy train ride, arrived at the house at night, watched a movie, and crashed. The following morning, an energy-filled little boy burst into our room and immediately demanded to go outside. I took him out back where the pool is, and he asked where the boats were. He was referring to the floaties in the pool that we called boats last year. I was really impressed with his memory! Then again, this is his third summer in this house (fourth if you count the first one in my belly).

Later, when the sun was out, Joe and Theo put on their new matching bathing suits.

Theo was eager to go in the water. I was only in the pool briefly, but the first swim of the summer was glorious. The water was pretty cold, but Theo didn't seem to mind -- unlike his fuddy duddy parents.

The shallow end of the pool is 3 feet, and Theo's head stands well above the surface, but he was still too scared to stand alone. And so after a bit of trial and error, he invented his own method of swimming. He holds on to the wall with both his hands and feet. His hands inch along the edge of the pool, and his feet walk across the wall in the water. With this method, he was able to swim the perimeter of the pool -- even in the deep end.

Later, when it was cooler out, we piled into the jacuzzi. For the rest of the weekend, Theo begged to go in the "hot water with bubbles" and the pool was no longer as enticing.

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