Friday, September 28, 2007

Crackin' Me the Hell Up

Dictator Theo is hysterical. He has rules for everything and is unbelievably demanding.

If I'm watching TV, and he's trying to get my attention and I'm ignoring him, he'll stick his face directly in front of mine and say "helloooo-oooooo." It's the funniest thing!

He has a game where he sits down on the couch and I lay down and put my legs on his lap so he can drive his little car up and down my legs. God forbid I'm not in the mood for a game or sitting up on the couch. "Mommy, sit here! Mommy, lay down! Right here, mommy! Come on, mommy!"

Yesterday morning I was putting on my bra, and it was below my boobs while I was attaching the clasp in the back. He said, "No mommy, up here" and tried to move my bra up over my boobs the way it's supposed to go. So friggin funny.

The other night I was exhausted and he refused to go to bed. Finally, I gave up and I told him "Do what you want, mommy is going to bed." And so what did he do? He brought me the pillow from his bed! The silly little sweetie!

When we get to the playground, if I follow him to the slide he corrects me and orders me to take my usual spot on the bench. He points to the bench and says "Mommy, go sit down!"

He is a riot to hang around! We're always, always laughing at what comes out of his perfect little mouth.

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