Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sunday in Harlem


Friday, after I fired my babysitter for not being there when the school bus dropped off Theo (I'm still too mad to write about it), he cheered me up by being a cutie pie when I took him for comfort pizza.

Sunday we went to Harlem for some authentic fried chicken, and to visit that lovely side of Central Park with the gardens and fountains...it's just stunning, I love it over there.


Theo was a daredevil on the tire swing. He is so strong, he had no problem holding on, and daddy just couldn't push him fast or high enough! That other little boy you see in the picture above--he's also 4, and he was terrified. He made his dad go very, very slowly.

Theo gathered shells and brought them to me one at a time.

Check this out...you can actually see the penny going in. Do you see it?

My handsome, statuesque husband and my fascinated-by-the-fountain cutie.

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