Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Theo's First Day of Preschool: Year Two


This morning, Theo and daddy drew together as we waited in the lobby for the school bus. Theo's been asking about school all week, and he was so excited to finally be able to go! We went to the window and his face smiled at us through the glass as they drove off. And so another year begins.

I was disappointed to see that there was a different driver and bus matron, but they seemed nice enough. We'll miss Miriam and Sharon, though!

I wonder what he's doing right now. Probably all kinds of introduction songs and having a blast. He'll be with some of the same kids, and some new kids. This year, he'll be the pro!

Max starts kindergarten this month. He'll be going on a school bus too, as Ethan and Alexander already do. All the boys are so big now, it's insane!
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