Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Beautiful Melody Jade

I can't stop watching the first 60 seconds of this clip and sobbing. I've been singing "you're my beautiful Melody" (at 00.50 seconds on this video) since I found out we were having a daughter today. Or should I say's 4AM. I can't sleep! I'm too giddy!

Anyway, please watch the first minute.

Back in November I bought this mermaid costume. I knew it was silly but I couldn't help it!

It's not that I'm naming Melody after a mermaid, exactly, but I did fall in love with the name when seeing this movie years ago.

Joe and I are already planning Halloween. Theo would make a great crab, we agreed.

The sonogram was blissfully long...well over an hour. We saw Melody kiss her hand, and open and close her mouth several times--apparently she was eating! How fascinating! She has a perfect brain, spine, hands, feet...everything. And we swear her face looks just like her brother's.

I don't know whether to call her stubborn or calm. Try as we might, we could not flip her to see everything the ultrasound tech needed for his full evaluation, but hey, this means we get to go back in 2 weeks and see her again! She was squished between my back and placenta or something, and she looked cozy as anything. Her legs were up like she was lounging, and she simply had no interest in moving over for us. My silly girl!

The magical part about having a second child is the simultaneous newness and familiarity. Daddy's tears streaming down his face when we learn the sex...calling the grandmas who are waiting by the phone...the excitement of the growing belly...the celebrating and the's Theo all over again, but 4 years later, and therefore nice and fresh.

You have to hear Theo say Melody's name...I'll record it and post it soon. It's currently my favorite sound in the universe.


Mental P Mama said...

Yay! Melody Lauren has a nice ring to happy for ya'll

Ms. Lady said...

hi sweetheart, i am so so so excited for you!!! i was going through my favorite links this am and found your site -- it's been forever since i last checked it... i am so excited!!! xoxoxoxo

Ms. Lady said...

oh and this is lin, btw!!!

Grandma Ice-Cream said...

I was smiling with tears in my eyes the whole time I watched that video, especially the song. :)

Anastasia said...