Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why We Have Children

Ah, to be needed.

At 6:52 AM I heard a little groggy voice: "Moooommmy. Come."

Well, even a tired mommy can't resist a request like that! I went over and his arms reached out. All I did was sit next to him with my arms around him and he fell right back asleep (for 8 minutes...then the alarm went off). He needed nothing except to feel me next to him.

When the alarm went off, I went to stir my husband, who instructed me to lay with him for ten minutes before we move. "You too?" I giggled.

It was one of those moments in life where one feels utterly fulfilled and happy, because the people she loves love her and need her.

I really get why a single woman whose biological clock is ticking would go ahead and have a baby through artificial means or adopt. I'm about to break into "peooooooooople who need peooooooooople are the luckiest peeeeeeeeeeeople" in about two seconds! Good thing there's no sound on this thing...I don't do the best Streisand impression.

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