Friday, January 18, 2008

Random Stuff

Last night, Theo told Bruce to get dressed. I told him Bruce was already wearing an orange coat. Theo thought about this for a second, then told Bruce, "No! Coat off, sweater off! Get dressed!"

Also, it's become a nighttime routine for Theo to order me to lie in my bed after I put him to bed. The more tired he is, the more seriously he takes it. As in, if I disobey and go into the living room, he'll cry. So now I'm pretty much stuck with having to lie down in my bed every night after leaving him. Being the tired preggo that I am, sometimes I fall asleep and still have my contacts in and am fully clothed, but usually he's asleep after just a few minutes and I can sneak back into the living room.

Theo sure isn't boring, that's for certain.

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